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Oberon Playing Fields

 The newly refurbished Oberon Playing Fields at the Hall School, in Wimbledon, has been warmly welcomed into our Active Day Camps family. With huge open grounds, surrounded by natural growing trees, this space is ideal for our Multi-Activity Camps, loved by all children and parents. This venue is the perfect place for Football, Tennis and Cricket lovers.


Our Multi-Activity Camp running on the vast playing fields of Wimbledon, is becoming a popular event for the local children living around SW20. Oberon Playing Fields has opened recently with new refurbishments done to allow space for a new pavilion, facilitating Multi-Sports activities, such as Cricket, Football, Tennis and much more. The fields are spacious with natural trees surrounding the grounds, allowing for activities led by specialists such as Yoga, Taekwondo, Nerf and many more of the children’s favourites. The pavilion will be perfect to run our indoor activities featuring Arts and Craft, STEM Activities, as well as drama games, encouraging creativity and a lot of fun!

Science and Sports Camp:
27th - 30th August

Exciting New Summer Camp: Science and Sports

Get ready for an adventure like no other with our first-of-its-kind summer camp, blending the excitement of sports with the wonders of science! Designed to kick-start the new school year with energy and curiosity, our camp runs the week before school starts in September, ensuring a smooth transition back to learning.

Throughout this dynamic week, campers will dive into a variety of engaging topics – these lessons and activities will be accompanied by our wide variety of sports including football, dodgeball, tennis and much more!

  1. Journey Through the Heart: The Engine of Life – Discover the incredible workings of the human heart and its vital role in powering our bodies.
  2. Lung Power: How We Breathe – Uncover the secrets of our respiratory system and how it fuels our every move.
  3. Sporty Skeletons: Understanding How Our Bones Help Us Move – Learn about our skeletal system and how it supports our athletic activities.
  4. Sensory Superpowers: How Athletes Use Vision, Smell, and Hearing – Explore the heightened senses that give athletes their competitive edge.
  5. Newton’s Forces at Play: The Science Behind Sports (2 lessons) – Investigate the physics principles that govern our favorite sports.
  6. Space Cadets: The Rigorous Training of Future Astronauts – Embark on a journey through space science and the intense training of astronauts.
  7. Ancient Football: The Science and History of the Mesoamerican Ball Game – Delve into the fascinating history and science of one of the world’s oldest ball games.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines hands-on learning, fun sports activities, and scientific exploration. Let’s make the end of summer a blast and get back into the swing of things with a fresh perspective on the science behind our favourite sports!

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Multi-Sport and Multi-Activity 

Ages: 4 – 13