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Our Story

Active Day Camps was founded in 2016 by Rebby Wallis. With over 10 years experience running children’s activities for the biggest holiday camp providers in the industry, Rebby began to notice a re-occurring theme – holiday camps for children had moved more and more towards basic childcare!

Therefore, the mission of Active Day Camps is simple: To provide inspiring and exciting activities that children look forward to and remember!

The Camp

Active Day Camps provides inclusive and specialist activities for children aged 3–13, in both term-time and school holidays. By offering a choice of activities within a structured framework, children attending our camps are able to develop their unique path and find their own type of ‘Active’.

Offering core sport and art activities is the backbone of any holiday camp, however it’s also great to learn something new. We introduce something different to each child’s experience. Whether it be learning Futsal rather than Football or computer coding over computer gaming, your child will certainly remember what they achieved each day and will be excited to come back for more!

“I want holiday camps and activities to start inspiring children again. Some of my best memories as a child are playing my favourite sport on camp for hours on end and learning new skills to show off to my parents and school friends.” – Rebby Wallis, Founder

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