Private Coaching


Here at Active Day Camps, private coaching has become very popular.

We provided a first class coach for up to four children per private coaching session. Here's how it works:

  1. Pick a venue that suits you! it can be a back garden, park or a rented facility.
  2. Choose your activity/activities! It can be any sporting activity such as cricket, football, tennis, rugby and more. It can also be a coaching session full of fun ball games and other sports activities including fitness training. If you are unsure of what activities to choose but think an outdoor sporting session would be ideal for your child, let us know in the contact form below and we will help you find the perfect session!
  3. Choose a date and time that suits you!




60-minute session = £45 (for 1-3 children)  / £60 (4 children)

90-minute session = £60 (1-3 children)/ £70 (4 children)


Please fill the contact form below with the information above and we will be in touch with more information.