COVID-19 Policies

Please see a list below of policies in response to Covid-19.

  1. All parents will be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to their child starting camp. 
  2. Risk assessments will be carried out before the start of every week & will be conducted according to government, and other regulating authorities’ guidelines and advice at the time. 
  3. Children to be grouped by age and maximum group sized will be determined by government guidelines at time of operation. Company staff to children ratios will continue to be adhered to.
  4. Staff to wear PPE where professionally appropriate and should always use protective gloves when setting up signage and other camp materials. 
  5. Maximum capacity to be implemented as agreed with venues and Government guidelines.
  6. Sports Activities are to take place in outdoor facilities wherever possible. If activities take place inside it must be in an open, well ventilated space.
  7. Children will eat lunch in their age groups bubbles, Where possible children can enjoy their lunch outdoors. If indoors they will do so whilst maintaining social distance.
  8. Hand sanitizer will be readily available including at registration and sign in points. All children will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after eating as well as washing hands throughout the day.
  9. Staggered pick up times will be implemented or, in some cases, specific pick up locations for different age groups to ensure no queue of parents and so that social distancing can be adhered to.
  10. Staff teams will be kept as consistent as possible so that any changes in wellbeing can be observed and also to limit the possibility of bringing the virus in to the venue.
  11. Active Day Camps will keep a reserve work force available for each week if members of staff need to self-isolate.



The list above is not exhaustive and the aim for Active Day Camps is to be proactive and pragmatic throughout this pandemic. We take the implementation of the above policies very seriously and will work to improve them and adapt them if necessary. We believe the policies will mitigate the risk for children and staff dramatically however we cannot guarantee the risk has been eliminated.