After School Portals



Active Day Camps tries to make sure that we give children the best time at our camps.

However, if there is ever an occasion where you feel the experience your child recieved was not up to our usual standard, then we always want to hear from you. 

We take feedback very seriously and look to ensure that issues raised are dealt with as soon as possible. 

We ask that any complaint or feedback is emailed to [email protected] or made by telephone to our office on 02078460253.  


Our Process: 

If you are currently attending a camp, then we will contact the Camp Manager with the complaint to help sort the issue. 

You will then receive a call from the Camp Manager to follow up. If the issue is not resolved or you do not feel satisfied then please tell us by calling or emailing [email protected]

This will then be highlighted to our Regional Manager who will endevour to make sure the issues are resolved.